Online Nutrition and Food Systems MS Degree

Online Nutrition and Food Systems MS Degree

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Teaching others the art of healthy eating is something you live for. You are ready to specialize and focus your knowledge on the dietetic practice and nutrition program for children, but sitting in a classroom to earn a masters degree may not be conductive to your current lifestyle.

With this convenient and affordable fully online Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Systems with an emphasis in Management of Child Nutrition Programs, you can customize your plan of study to fit with your busy lifestyle. You don’t have to make your life revolve around getting to class on time; class time revolves around your schedule.

This means you can see your lecture on Special Problems in Nutrition at 7:00 pm on a Saturday in the comfort of your own home.

We want to make mastering this next step in your life as easy as possible with our unique and flexible learning experience. You really can learn anywhere, anytime with this online degree.

Our degree requirements:

  • Biostatistics or
  • Intro to Educational Statistics
  • Research Techniques for Nutrition and Food Systems
  • Recent Development in Applied Nutrition
  • Thesis 1-6 hrs. for a total of 6 hrs. max or
  • Special Problems in Nutrition (professional project)

Requirements for Emphasis in Management of Child Nutrition

  • Financial Management in Child Nutrition Programs
  • Food Production Management in Child Nutrition Programs
  • The Nutrition of Children
  • Child Nutrition Program Management
  • Current Topics in Child Nutrition Programs

Directed Electives 

  • Educational Resources Development and Management
  • Public School Finance
  • School Community Relations
  • Developing and Managing Human Resources
  • School Law
  • Consensus Decision Making in Education
  • Internet Resources and Applications
  • Food and Nutrition Public Policy

Have you ever wondered if there are additional fees, if this program is approved by state agencies, or how the tuition is calculated for this degree? Click here to see some of our most Frequently Asked Questions!

Here at Online at Southern Miss, we understand that this is your life, plus college. Let us help you take this next step in your professional life today!

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