Online Special Education Degree

Online Special Education Degree

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You are already a special education teacher’s assistant, so you know what it takes to work with students who have exceptionalities. Because of this experience, have you considered becoming a special education teacher? Are you itching to implement your personal teaching styles to create a learning environment that reflects those styles?

At Online at Southern Miss, we show you how to teach to your full potential without ever stepping foot inside of a physical classroom. This is why we created the Bachelor of Science Special Education Online Degree Program; a perfect fit for current special education teacher’s assistants who want to take the next step to becoming certified teachers.

We know you’re ready to provide programs and services to adapt content, delivery and teaching methods to meet each child’s need that you come in contact with. You’re ready to help inspire change and understanding in the education world. Let us help you take the next step in your career!

Degree Requirements:

  • Written Communications
  • Natural Science and Mathematics
  • Humanities
  • Aesthetic Values
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Computer Competency Requirement
  • Writing-Intensive Requirement
  • Speaking-Intensive Requirement
  • Capstone Requirement
  • Electives + Major Area of Study Requirements

Are there additional fees? Where do I complete my student teaching? Can I take courses while I am student teaching? These are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. You can click here and find the answers!
We all have a thirst for knowledge. Only some of us have an eagerness to share it. Make teaching your profession today. This is your life, plus college.

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