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Library and Information Science BS
Program Overview

Explore the world of information with an Online Library and Information Science Degree (BS). The complexity of today’s information age requires greater expertise and knowledge than ever before. Southern Miss can help you gain the skills you need to excel.

The University of Southern Mississippi is proud to offer an online Bachelors of Science Degree in Library Information Science. Through this convenient and affordable online library and information science degree program, you will take courses in archiving, cataloging, reference, collection development, management, research, and preservation of digital libraries. Additional courses include internet resources, computer applications, system analysis, information ethics, multicultural resources, and the history of the books.

Are you interested in furthering your education with a Master’s in Library and Information Science online degree? Additionally, Southern Miss also offers an Archives and Special Collections Graduate Certificate online!


Your Future

Check out some of the jobs our graduates landed after earning this degree.

  • School Librarian with A Licensure
  • Public Librarian
  • Library Technician
  • Assistant Librarian
  • High School Librarian
  • Library Clerk
  • Library Page
  • Library Technician
  • Teacher Librarian

Your future starts at Southern Miss!


Any student who satisfies admission requirements to the University through the Office of Admissions is eligible for admission to the School of Library and Information Science.

All students majoring in library and information science must have their major programs approved by the director of the school and have a completed degree program plan on file in the director’s office.

Degree Requirements

  • ENG 101 – Composition One 3 hrs.
  • ENG 102 – Composition Two 3 hrs.

GEC 02. Natural Science and Mathematics (11 hours minimum)

Science Requirement (8 hours minimum)

01. Select 2 courses with labs:

  • AST 111/L
  • AST 112/L
  • BSC 103/L
  • BSC 110/L
  • BSC 111/L
  • BSC 250/L
  • BSC 251/L
  • CHE 104/L
  • CHE 106/L
  • CHE 107/L
  • GHY 104/L
  • GHY 105/L
  • GLY 101/L
  • GLY 103/L
  • MAR 151/L
  • PHY 103/L
  • PHY 111/L
  • PHY 112/L
  • PHY 201/L
  • PHY 202/L
  • PSC 190/L

Mathematics Requirement (3 hours)

02. Select 1 course:

  • MAT 100***
  • MAT 101
  • Higher-level MAT course

***This course does not satisfy prerequisites for any other math course.


  • ENG 203 – World Literature 3 hrs.


Select 2 courses, 1 History required:
  • HIS 101 – World Civilizations: Beginnings to 1500 C.E. 3 hrs.
  • HIS 102 – World Civilizations: 1500 to the present 3 hrs.
  • PHI 151 – Introduction to Philosophy 3 hrs.
  • PHI 171
  • REL 131 – Comparative Religion 3 hrs.

01. Select 1 course:

  • ART 130 – Art Appreciation 3 hrs.
  • DAN 130 – Dance Appreciation 3 hrs.
  • MUS 165 – The Enjoyment of Music 3 hrs.
  • THE 100

01. Select 2 courses:

  • ANT 101 – The Human Experience: A Global Perspective on Human Diversity 3 hrs.
  • COH 100
  • ECO 101 – Basic Economics 3 hrs.
  • GHY 101 – World Geography: Dynamics of a Changing Earth 3 hrs.
  • PS 101 – American Government 3 hrs.
  • PSY 110 – General Psychology 3 hrs. *
  • SOC 101 – Understanding Society: Principles of Sociology 3 hrs.


  • LIS 201 –  (must earn a minimum grade of “C”)


  • IT 380 (WI)
  • ENG 101 & ENG 102 prerequisites

01. Select 1 course:

  • CMS 111 (SI) or CMS 330 (SI)

  • LIS 489 – Library Practicum 1-4 hrs. Arr. (Capstone)
  • Must be taken Senior Year; ENG 101 & ENG 102 prerequisites

Minimum grade of “C” required in all Major Area of Study courses.

  • LIS 201
  • LIS 401
  • LIS 405
  • LIS 408
  • LIS 411
  • LIS 415
  • LIS 416 or LIS 457 or LIS 458
  • LIS 417 or LIS 418
  • LIS 440
  • LIS 445
  • LIS 489 (Capstone) (3 hours)
  • LIS 491
  • Select 9 additional hours from the School of Library and Information Science

  • PSY 110
  • PSY 275 or PSY 270

01. A minor in another discipline or 18 hours of courses within the College of Education and Psychology.


  • Choose electives as needed with adviser’s approval. (See “Hours to Degree” below.)

Hours to Degree

124 hours are needed to graduate with a BS in Library and Information Science. At least 50 percent of the hours applied to a degree at The University of Southern Mississippi must be earned from a senior college, and 45 of these hours must be in courses numbered 300 or above. The last 25 percent of course work must be earned from Southern Miss. The student must earn at least 12 hours in the major area of study from Southern Miss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional fees may apply to the online library and information science degree. Fees range between $20 – $60.

The library and information science (LIS) major requires completion of the general education core courses as well as 39 hours of major-area courses, 15-21 hours of major requirements outside the department (including 12 hours of foreign language), an 18-hour minor or dual major in another department and enough electives to bring the total number of hours to 124. Major-area courses begin in the junior year.

For pricing information, click here.  For financial aid information, click here.  For detailed tuition information, click here.

All LIS courses are offered online and other courses, if not offered online by USM, can be taken through the Mississippi Virtual Community College while enrolled at USM for USM credit.  You will not need to come to the Southern Miss campus for this online library and information science degree.

Our classes involve students with faculty. There are real-time chats, weekly chat meetings, discussion board assignments, reading and writing assignments, basically a class taught in cyberspace. In order to properly serve our students, we limit the number of seats in our classes to ensure the faculty member can interact appropriately with the students. These are not correspondence courses. They are semester-length courses taught within a typical semester structure. The courses are NOT “come when you please and do what you like.” If you are looking for a grade for enrolling, then do not apply to Southern Miss. You will have to earn a grade. It will require long hours on your part, just like face-to-face graduate classes.

What about endorsements?

We offer a supplemental endorsement for school library media specialists.  It is available completed online.  Find more information on the supplemental endorsement.

Will other classes besides the ones listed in degree requirements count towards my degree?

Other classes that aren’t listed may count towards your online library and information science degree once your transcript has been evaluated and posted.

Are you a military veteran or service member?

If yes, visit for more information on how Southern Miss can serve you and your needs.   We will help you with funding and scholarship information, admissions and course enrollment.

What if I cannot find the answer to my question here?

If you still have questions about the online library and information science degree, please e-mail us at or call (601) 266-4228.


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