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We’re #1: The Best Online Undergrad Degrees in the State!

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The University of Southern Mississippi has been ranked the best online undergrad degrees in the state by U.S. News and World Report! We also land at #68 nationally among nearly 400 online colleges and universities. The 2022 national ranking is a boost from #75 last year and a massive 25-spot leap from #93 two years ago.

Our continued climb up this list represents our ongoing development and improvement of online programs. We strive to give our students the best experience from an online program, and this is an outstanding recognition of that effort.

In “Methodology: Best Online Bachelor’s Programs Rankings,” Eric Brooks, the Principal Data Analyst for the U.S. News, writes, “U.S. News chose factors that weigh how these programs are being delivered and their effectiveness at awarding affordable degrees in a reasonable amount of time.” These factors excluded elements like high school grades and standardized test scores, and instead focused on what the programs offer their current students, including:

  • Engagement – best practices, graduation rates, assessments, class size, and retention
  • Services and Technologies – student indebtedness, technological infrastructure, and support structure
  • Faculty Credentials and Training – terminal degree faculty, preparedness to teach distance learners, faculty who have more than a B.A., and tenured faculty
  • Expert Opinion – a rating giving by top college administrators 

By evaluating factors that involve interactivity, flexibility, and support, the U.S. News rankings give students and veterans a better idea of what to expect out of online programs such as the bachelor’s degrees at USM. As the highest-ranked Mississippi university on the list, USM represents the best in the state.

“We are thrilled to represent both our university and our state on this list,” says Dr. Tom Hutchinson, Dean of Online Learning and Enrollment at USM. “With these rankings, we can assure our students that they are receiving an education that holds up with the other top programs in the country.”

To see the full report, visit the 2022 edition of the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs. If you’re looking to earn bachelor’s degree can visit USM’s online programs page to get more information and help getting started.

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