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Instructional Technology MS
Program Overview

Are you ready to become a dynamic and innovative leader in the field of Instructional Technology? The online Instructional Technology Degree (MSIT) Program from Southern Miss is designed to provide professionals with the expertise needed to enhance teaching and learning through the use of technology.

The MSIT program is designed to be a flexible, 30-credit hour curriculum that can be completed as an online degree or on campus – whatever best fits your individual schedule and needs. Both online and face-to-face classes are taught by the same professor and have the same requirements, thus quality of instruction will never be questioned.

We also offer this degree in a hybrid format. Additionally, take your education even further with The University of Southern Mississippi’s hybrid format Instructional Technology and Design Online degree PhD program.


Your Future

Check out some of the jobs our graduates landed after earning this degree.

  • Learning/Training Specialist
  • E-Learning Instructional Designer
  • Instructional Technologist
  • Media Specialist
  • Educational Consultant
  • Learning Technologist
  • Technology Support Specialist
  • Educational Technologist
  • Education Technology Coordinator
  • Instructional Designer/Curriculum Leader
  • Educational Technologist Consultant

Your future starts at Southern Miss!


Regular admission to the Master of Science in Instructional Technology at The University of Southern Mississippi is selective and contingent upon having graduated from a college or university accredited by a recognized regional accrediting agency. In evaluating applications, the admissions committee will utilize the following criteria:

  • An undergraduate’s grade point average [GPA] reflects the equivalent to an applicant’s ability to complete graduate work. Recently, applicants regularly admitted to the Master’s program obtained GPAs exceeding 2.9 on a 4.0-point scale for the last 64 hours of undergraduate study.
  • The Graduate Record Examination [GRE] scores provide predictors of an applicant’s ability to successfully complete the graduate program.
  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals in the field of education or computer applications who can assess the applicant’s readiness for graduate study. These letters should reflect the student’s knowledge of technology and computer applications and must be sent directly to the department. Also, the letters must be accompanied by the required Waiver Form.
  • The quality of supporting materials provided with an applicant’s application (e.g., portfolio, letter of interest).

An applicant who fails to meet the above criteria for regular admission may be considered for conditional admission on an individual basis. A conditional admitted student must complete 9 hours of program coursework with a B or better to become a regular admitted students. The hours earned will be part of his/her 30 program hours. The applicant is responsible to inform his/her advisor when conditional status is to be removed.

Degree Requirements


All students pursuing the Master of Science degree in Instructional Technology must complete the following requirements:


  • IT 636 – Instructional Design and Development 3 hrs.
  • IT 645 – Technology in Education 3 hrs.
  • IT 648 – Digital Communications in Education 3 hrs.
  • IT 650 – Instructional Strategies of Online Teaching 3 hrs.
  • IT 755 – Web Development and Assessment 3 hrs.
  • REF 601 – Educational Research: Interpretation and Applications 3 hrs.
  • IT 697 – Independent Study and Research Hours arranged.
  • Electives—Twelve (12) semester hours. Subject to the approval of the student’s adviser or department chair

Master’s/Specialist’s Level Minor in Instructional Technology

Six (6) semester hours of computer application coursework (minimum 2.50 GPA) at the undergraduate level or significant practical experience in computer applications.

Three of the following IT core courses (9 hours):

  • IT 601 – Foundations of Instructional Technology 3 hrs.
  • IT 636 – Instructional Design and Development 3 hrs.
  • IT 644 – Instructional Multimedia Design 3 hrs.
  • IT 645 – Technology in Education 3 hrs.
  • IT 648 – Digital Communications in Education 3 hrs.
  • IT 709 – Leadership in Instructional Technology 3 hrs.
  • IT 755 – Web Development and Assessment 3 hrs.

One of the following IT elective courses (3 hours):

  • IT 567 – Digital Publishing and Visual Design 3 hrs.
  • IT 569 – Multimedia Design and Development 3 hrs.
  • IT 610 – Ethics and Issues in Instructional Technology 3 hrs.
  • IT 650 – Instructional Strategies of Online Teaching 3 hrs.
  • IT 662 – Networks in Education 3 hrs.
  • IT 740 – Interactive Instructional Media 3 hrs.
  • IT 742 – Research in Instructional Systems Technology 3 hrs.
  • IT 780 – Seminar in Instructional Technology 3 hrs.

12 hours are needed to earn a Minor in IT. One of the IT elective courses (3 hours) and three of the following IT core courses (9 hours):

  • IT 636 – Instructional Design and Development 3 hrs.
  • IT 645 – Technology in Education 3 hrs.
  • IT 648 – Digital Communications in Education 3 hrs.
  • IT 650 – Instructional Strategies of Online Teaching 3 hrs.
  • IT 755 – Web Development and Assessment 3 hrs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Admission to the graduate degree programs in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education will be conducted in accordance with college and university policies. Please refer to the “Admission Requirements and Procedures” section of the current USM’s Graduate Bulletin. In general, these procedures include the submission of an application form and credentials to Graduate Studies. An application fee of $50.00 is required regardless of applying for the online Instructional Technology Degree program or traditional face-to-face program. If this fee is not paid, your application file will not be processed.

Additionally, applicants must send all degree application materials online through the Graduate School’s Admissions Pro system: Materials should include:

  1. A letter of intent with application explaining the applicant’s interest in and reasons for pursuing the degree.
  2. GRE test score (and TOEFL score for international students).
  3. Official transcripts from the college/university you attended.
  4. Three letters of recommendation. Academic professionals and/or supervisors who can clearly articulate and address the applicant’s abilities to complete graduate work should complete letters.
  5. A resume of academic and job-related experiences.
  6. A copy of current teaching licenses/certificates [if applicable]
  7. A portfolio of related technology projects or Web address. Please send this to April Franklin, Administrative Assistant of Graduate Program at, or at the following address:

April Franklin,

Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education
The University of Southern Mississippi
118 College Drive, #5057
Hattiesburg, MS  39406-001
Phone: 601-266-6987
Fax: 601-266-4548

No. We accept students from all different majors as long as you met our admission standards.


Upon admission you are assigned a graduate advisor. The advisor helps you with completing and establishing your plan of study, selecting and preparing your graduation requirements, and answering and discussing other online Instructional Technology Degree program-related questions.

Conditional admission is given to students who do not satisfy the admission requirements. If you are admitted conditionally to the online Instructional Technology Degree, you should review your conditions of admittance with your advisor during your program plan of study meeting. In addition, you are responsible for informing your advisor when all conditions of your conditional admittance have been met.

Your advisor, through the Department Chair, will send a memo to the Graduate Dean requesting your admission status be changed to regular admission. This change can be done provided that you have obtained a “B” or better in the first 9 semester hours of program coursework.

For pricing information, click here.  For financial aid information, click here.  For detailed tuition information, click here.

Does the standard tuition apply for part-time students?

Follow this link and choose the year that applies to view the costs associated with part-time enrollment.


I applied to the MSIT online program. Can I complete all courses online?

Yes, you can take all online Instructional Technology Degree courses online.


I am an international student and applied to the online MSIT program. Can I get an I-20 so that I can study on USM campus in U.S.?

No, immigration regulation requires all international students remain on U.S. campus to be a full-time student (three classes or above in spring and fall term, except for the students who are admitted in summer) and among these three classes, two of them have to be the traditional face-to-face classes in spring and fall terms. There is no such requirement in summer term if you started your program in spring or fall term. Therefore, if you want to study at the USM Campus, you have to apply for the MSIT hybrid program, in which you can take both face-to-face and online classes to meet immigration regulations.


I am an international student and applied for summer enrollment. What is the requirement for the summer courses?

All international students who are admitted in the online Instructional Technology Degree program can complete the program in their home country. However, if you want to study in the U.S., you have to apply for the MSIT hybrid program and follow the immigration regulations as described above for fall and spring fall terms (you do not have to take classes in summer or you can take all online classes in summer term). However, if you begin your study in summer term, you will have to meet the two face-to-face class requirements for fall and spring.


What is the minimum number of classes that I can take to be considered a full-time student?

You must enroll in at least 9 credit hours in order to have full-time status in the spring and fall semesters. Most of our full-time students take four classes in spring and fall terms however.


What is the time limit to finish the program?

All master’s students must complete their degrees within 5 years from the date of admission. However, full-time students normally complete their degrees in one year or three-semesters. Most of the part-time students complete their degree within two years.


May I take courses before being admitted to the program?

Yes, you may take courses as a non-degree graduate student. The Graduate School allows a master’s degree student to apply up to 9 graduate hours as a non-degree USM student with approval; in addition, he/she must gain admission to the program prior to the completion of the 9 hours. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to exceed 9 hours in a semester as a non-degree student.


May I transfer credit from other universities?

Yes, a student may transfer up to 6 hours from another accredited university. The advisor and the Department Chair must approve these courses.

How do I apply for a graduate assistantship?

The graduate assistantship is limited and very competitive. Students, who wish to apply for a graduate assistantship, must send a separate letter requesting consideration to the Department Chair via April Franklin, Administrative Assistant of Graduate Programs, In the letter, please describe your interests in receiving a graduate assistantship and some of the strengths, skills, and knowledge you possess. There will be a formal application process afterwards.



Will other classes besides the ones listed in degree requirements count towards my degree?

Other classes that aren’t listed may count towards your online Instructional Technology Degree once your transcript has been evaluated and posted.

Can this degree be completed fully online?

Yes, the online Instructional Technology Degree program is available totally online.  Students are not required to visit campus for an in-class lecture; however, an online lecture may be required by your instructor.

Are there additional fees?

Additional course fees may apply.  Fees range between $20-$60.

Are you a military veteran or service member?

If yes, visit for more information on how Southern Miss can serve you and your needs.   We will help you with funding and scholarship information, admissions and course enrollment.


What other online degrees are offered by Online at Southern Miss?

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