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Learn about our online logistics, trade and transportation degree!

Logistics, Trade and Transportation MS
Program Overview

Explore the unlimited career opportunities that the Master of Science in Logistics, Trade and Transportation can offer you. If you are interested in logistics management (the movement of goods using the most effective and efficient means), this program from Online at Southern Miss is for you. Our online Logistics, Trade and Transportation degree in logistics management is designed to empower professionals to meet the growing demands of transportation management and related careers in the Gulf Coast Regions, Nationally and Internationally.

The online Logistics, Trade and Transportation degree (LLT) is an interdisciplinary program comprised of 30 total credit hours. This LTT program can be completed in one year and customized to meet career advancement needs. The MS LTT courses are delivered in several flexible formats, including online, in-person, and executive/hybrid format to allow practitioners to continue to work while pursuing the degree. This is your life, plus college.


Your Future

Check out some of the jobs our graduates landed after earning this degree.

  • Transportation Coordinator
  • Logistics Sales Coordinator
  • Logistics Manager
  • Transportation Analyst
  • Reagional Logistics Lead
  • Transportation Manager
  • Transportation Account Manager
  • Logistics Specialist
  • Freight Broker
  • Operations Coordinator
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Distribution Coordinator
  • Purchasing Manager

Your future starts at Southern Miss!


Successful professionals in Logistics, Trade and Transportation possess a wide range of competences, and come from a broad range of educational backgrounds and experiences. Therefore, candidates with a Bachelor degree in any major will be considered for admission. The candidate must also meet the following requirements for admission in the MS LTT program:

  1. Submit official transcripts. Students must have above 2.5 (4.0 scale) grade point average during the undergraduate studies.
  2. Submit GRE scores (all sections). The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) may be submitted in place of the GRE.
  3. Provide three letters of recommendation from persons qualified to assess the applicant’s readiness for graduate study. The letters should be sent to:
    118 College Drive #5138 Hattiesburg, MS, 39402
  4. Submit statement of purpose and goals, and resume.
  5. Students whose native language is not English must achieve a TOEFL score of 560 (or equivalent) or more.
  6. In exceptional cases, students may be admitted conditionally. Such students must earn a 3.0 on the first nine (9) semester hours of coursework numbered 500 or above or on all coursework taken while completing this nine (9) hour requirement in order to qualify for regular admission.

The application is done through the University Graduate School at following link:

Degree Requirements

In addition to the degree requirements established by the Graduate School (minimum 30 hours with a minimum of 18 hours at the 600 level), students earning the Master of Science in Logistics, Trade and Transportation must satisfy the degree requirements listed below.

  1. Minimum of total of thirty (30) hours in graduate-level courses.
  2. Eighteen (18) of the 30 hours must be 600 level or higher.
  3. Eighteen (18) of the 30 hours must be from the core courses.
  4. Twelve (12) of the 30 hours must be from the approved elective courses.
  5. Apply for degree.
  6. Successful completion of a comprehensive written examination online following the comprehensive exam guidelines.
  7. Grade point average of 3.0 or above is required for graduation.
  8. Some students may be required to take few prerequisites/additional courses that do not count towards the minimum thirty (30) hours.
  9. Continuous Enrollment Requirement and other requirements as specified in the Graduate Bulletin located at Graduate Bulletins.
  10. Comply with the Academic Policies located at: Academic Policies.
  11. Complete the TWO separate parts of the Graduate Exit Survey

Part 1 of 2 – Graduate Exit Survey – Demographic Information
Part 2 of 2 – Graduate Exit Survey – Program Information

12.  Complete RCR Training and email the certificate at the end of the form to Gabriela Thornton ( and to Mrs. Dale Hill (

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional course fees may apply to the online logistics, trade and transportation degree.  Fees range between $20 – $60.

Online logistics, trade and transportation degree students can initiate the program in the fall or spring semester.

The online logistics, trade and transportation degree requires 30 total hours. Full time students  can complete the MS LTT in one year by taking 12 hours in the fall, 12 hours in the spring, and 6 hours in the summer. Working professional studying part-time could complete the MS LTT in two years by taking 3-6 hours during falls, springs and summers.

Yes, This Master program is designed to be flexible and meet the needs of the working professionals.

What is included in the assistantships?

Students with an assistantship can receive up to a full tuition waiver, including out-of-state tuition and a stipend.

Are there any job placement programs available that could help me start my career after earning my degree?

Yes, the university has a career services program that assists students in finding jobs post graduation.

How much does it cost?

For pricing information, click here.  For financial aid information, click here.  For detailed tuition information, click here. Some courses might have an additional fee that covers books, meals during the in-person, and special technology needed for the program

Are there additional certificates available for students in the MS LTT?

Yes, In addition to the online logistics, trade and transportation degree students can receive a certificate in Economic Development (if the proper courses for the certificate are taken).



Is there any fee for the Certificate?

Yes, There is a processing fee to print and issue the certificate.


What other online degrees are offered by Online at Southern Miss?

Please visit our programs page here:

What is the prospect of getting a job after graduation?

Logistics and supply chain is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the world. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), the US employs more than fine million logistics & supply chain professionals and the demand of such professionals is on rise. The career outlook for Logistics, Trade and Transportation graduates is very promising as it is demanding and highly paid. Based on our alumni survey, 100% of our graduates land a job related to the discipline within a year of their graduation.

Where do your graduates work?

Logistics, Trade and Transportation graduates traditionally work in logistics and transportation related industries including supply chain, warehousing, trucking, intermodal freight, freight forwarding, transportation security, etc. An increasing number are being used in other areas such as healthcare, energy, manufacturing, government, and other retail industries. Our alumni survey indicates majority of our graduates work with local companies including Huntington Ingalls, UPS, Chevron, Coca Cola Distribution, etc.. A significant number of graduates work within the US and some of them are employed in overseas.

What are the certifications your graduates qualified for?

Our Logistics, Trade and Transportation is an approved by the American Society of Transportation & Logistics (ASTL) Board of Examiners. Due to this approved status, our graduates automatically receive the Certified in Transportation and Logistics (CTL) status without going through their exams. Please visit: for details. Our graduate also receive Demonstrated Master Logistician (DML) from the International Society of Logistics (SOLE). Our program is the only program in the US where our graduates receive the (DML) certification without going through exams.


Will other classes besides the ones listed in degree requirements count towards my degree?

Other classes that aren’t listed may count towards your online logistics, trade and transportation degree once your transcript has been evaluated and posted.

Can this degree be completed fully online?

Yes, the online logistics, trade and transportation degree program is available totally online.  Students are not required to visit campus for an in-class lecture; however, an online lecture may be required by your instructor.

Do online students pay out-of-state tuition?

No, online students pay resident tuition. For information about pricing, click here.

Are you a military veteran or service member?

If yes, visit for more information on how Southern Miss can serve you and your needs.   We will help you with funding and scholarship information, admissions, and course enrollment.