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Educational Administration and Supervision MEd
Program Overview

We invite you to explore this opportunity to become part of the fully online program in Master of Education (M.Ed) in Educational Administration and Supervision. Our online education administration and supervision degree graduates enjoy positions of leadership in elementary and secondary schools throughout the world. This affordable, convenient online degree in the area of education administration is designed to offer you a quality education while enabling you to maintain the increasingly complex schedules of today’s professional educators.

Founded nearly 100 years ago as a teacher’s college, The University of Southern Mississippi continues its’ tradition of excellence by offering an attractive, fully online master’s program for teachers who find it difficult to attend traditional face-to-face classes. Fully accredited through the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), the four-semester online Educational Administration program maintains the integrity and rigor of an on-campus academic program, while unleashing the creativity that emerging technologies can afford. Seeking to involve technologies within a context of collaboration and communication, faculty members are dedicated to the futuristic pursuit of educational excellence, while striving to expand our traditional classrooms.

Need an undergraduate degree first? We offer an Elementary Education Online Degree (BS), as well as a Special Education Online Degree (BS). Alternately, a Master’s in Special Education Online Degree is also available.




  1. Submit all required materials to department.
  2. Submit application, transcripts, GRE, and immunization reports to Graduate School (
  3. Contact department to make sure application is complete and that ELSC has your contact information.
  4. The department’s admission committee member will contact you for an interview and writing sample.
  5. Once the admissions committee determines your eligibility, your admission paperwork will be processed.
  6. You will receive an email from the Graduate School notifying you of your admission status.

Applications for admission are evaluated by a combination of the following criteria:

  1. Portfolio
    1. Letter of application for the appropriate program*
    2. Statement of goals*
    3. Current resume including name, mailing address, phone number, and email address *
    4. Copies of Teaching Certificates and verification of years of experience*
    5. Copies of documentation of professional development activities: graduate classes, seminars, continuing education, workshops, in-service certificates.  Demonstrate your continuing education and creativity.*
    6. Statement of philosophy of education (limited to 1 typed page, 12 font)*
    7. A description of the classes taught recently: an outline of teaching area/areas, grade level(s), class content, teaching style*
    8. Example(s) of student work (please limit to 5 examples)*

*These items must be included in your portfolio. A current administrator may make the portfolio materials applicable to current job position.


    1. Copies of recent lesson and unit plans and the assessment(s) used
    2. Examples of assessment techniques
    3. Student comments and parent letters
    4. Evidence of reflections on good teaching practices
    5. Technology uses/involvement/abilities
    6. Peer observations, comments, letters of commendations
    7. Teaching evaluation comments, administrator comments
    8. Special skills:  languages, music, art, other
    9. Community service: volunteer work, leadership roles, service organizations
    10. Involvement in professional organizations
    11. School and/or district activities/projects: letters of appreciation, evidence of committee work
    12. Copies of honors/awards
    13. Transcripts
    14. GRE
    15. Letter of Application/Cover Letter
    16. Teaching License
    17. Teaching Experience of 2-3 years
    18. Three Letters of Recommendation [2 from supervising administrators; 1 candidate choice]
    19. Application submitted to Graduate School
    20. Personal Information Form

Degree Requirements

The program includes 34-credit hours and is designed with a spiraling curriculum where concepts introduced at one level are built upon and expanded at the next. Students also complete internship experiences during the last three semesters of the program at two or more sites. Contact the Department of Educational Leadership and School Counseling for academic requirements for the Master of Education in Educational Administration and Supervision.

  • REF 632 – Assessing Student Outcomes 3 hrs.
  • EDA 602 – Foundations of School Leadership 3 hrs.
  • EDA 603 – Leading Diverse School Populations 3 hrs.
  • EDA 604 – Introduction to School Leadership for Organizational Effectiveness 3 hrs.
  • EDA 605 – Introduction to School Leadership for Instructional Effectiveness 3 hrs.
  • EDA 606 – Advanced School Leadership for Organizational Effectiveness 3 hrs.
  • EDA 607 – Advanced School Leadership for Instructional Supervision 3 hrs.
  • EDA 636 – Administrative Internship 1-12 hrs. (3 hrs. required
  • EDA 608 – Socio-Political Issues Related to Educational Leadership 3 hrs.
  • EDA 609 – Transformation Leadership 3 hrs.
  • EDA 636 – Administrative Internship 1-12 hrs. (1 hr. required)

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional course fees for the online education administration and supervision degree may apply.  Fees range between $20 – $60.

Yes, teaching experience is required in order to be considered for the online education administration and supervision degree program; 2-3 years preferred.

Yes, you must take the GRE for the online education administration and supervision degree. However, the GRE is not the sole criterion for admission. We evaluate candidates on GRE, GPA, portfolio, interview, writing sample, and letters of recommendation.

There are two options for the M.Ed. in Educational Administration. The first option is the Online Cohort where courses are offered completely online and you participate in an internship in your local school over three of the four semesters (admits each Fall). The second option is the Hybrid Cohort (admits every Summer).  This option has a three week face-to-face component on the USM Hattiesburg campus in the summer, followed by two weeks of online instruction.  The Fall and Spring semesters are offered completely online.  The final semester would be a repeat of the initial Summer session (3 weeks face-to-face followed by 2 weeks of online instruction).  The hybrid program also includes an internship experience over three of the four semesters.

The online education administration and supervision degree program admits every fall (August).

When is the deadline to apply?

It is best to apply early to the online education administration and supervision degree. If applying for the Summer Hybrid Cohort, The priority deadline is the last Thursday in April. If applying for the Fall fully online Cohort, the priority deadline is the last Thursday in May.  However, applications may continue to be accepted until the cohort has been filled.

How many semesters does it take to complete the education administration program?

The online education administration and supervision degree takes four semesters to complete.

Can I become a principal once I graduate?

The online education administration and supervision degree program prepares students to become principals; however, you must check with your state’s department of education licensure office for specific requirements for administrative licensure.

What needs to be in the portfolio?

All required information can be found on our department’s website,


Where do I send my materials?

  • Official transcripts, GRE scores, and immunization records are sent directly to the Graduate School.
  • Portfolio, supplemental materials, and letter recommendation are sent to the Educational Leadership and School Counseling office.

Once all items are submitted, how do I schedule an interview?

Once our office has all of your required materials, your application packet is given to our Admissions Committee. Our office will contact you to schedule an interview.

What are the costs for the education administration degree?

For pricing information, click here.  For financial aid information, click here.  For detailed tuition information, click here.

Are scholarships available?

The university does have partial scholarships that students can apply for through the Financial Aid office.

For Mississippi residents, the Institutes for Higher Learning (IHL) has in the past administered a loan scholarship program for students earning their first master’s degree. Application information can be found at the website

Students from outside of Mississippi are urged to contact their state’s department of education and IHL board.

What do you evaluate to admit me?

Our admission’s committee evaluates you on a variety of criteria, including, but not limited to, your portfolio, letters of recommendation, interview, writing sample, GRE, GPA, letter of application, and resume. Additional materials may be requested to supplement applicants’ files.


What is the difference between the Online Cohort and the Summer Cohort?

The curriculum for both programs is identical.  The only things that vary are the method of delivery and the admission term.

What other online degrees are offered by Online at Southern Miss?

Please visit our programs page here:

Will other classes besides the ones listed in degree requirements count towards my degree?

Other classes that aren’t listed may count towards your online education administration and supervision degree once your transcript has been evaluated and posted.

Do online students pay out-of-state tuition?

No, online students pay resident tuition. For information about pricing, click here.

Are you a military veteran or service member?

If yes, visit for more information on how Southern Miss can serve you and your needs.   We will help you with funding and scholarship information, admissions, and course enrollment.