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How Earth Day and Logistics Impact Your Life Daily

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Logistics isn’t a word or industry that we talk about often, but it’s a word and industry that affects our lives daily – even if we don’t realize it. Practically every industry uses logistics companies at some point. From Amazon Prime to your local coffee shop, efficient and sustainable logistics is what helps companies run smoothly and successfully.

Planes, trains, cargo ships, and even the 18 wheeler you get stuck behind on your commute to work are all a part of the logistics supply-chain that help deliver the Prime package to your door or your coffee shop’s inventory to their store.  

With all those vessels constantly on-the-go, logistics managers not only have to make sure there’s never a kink in those moving parts, but they also have to think about the carbon footprint that their vessels are leaving behind.

Earth Day is a day to reflect on how we’re affecting the earth – to see if we’re doing everything we can to be eco-friendly and cut down on our carbon footprint. Logistics companies are no exception to that thought process and reflection on how they are affecting the environment.  

So, how are logistics companies becoming eco-friendly?

They are working to use the latest eco-technologies to improve energy efficiency and environmental impact by using eco-friendly vessels. This means that they’re reducing pollution output, practicing sustainable purchasing with a green supply chain, using fuel alternatives, and conserving energy usage.

All of these steps are reducing the carbon footprint that these bustling vessels leave behind – which makes the earth and our future on the earth look bright!

Logistics managers make our daily lives function smoothly. They are a very important piece to our on-the-go lifestyle and flourishing industries. With logistics managers turning to eco-technologies, they’re making sure that their practices stay efficient and, more importantly, sustainable.

If working in big industry while also living each day as if it is Earth Day sounds good to you, a career in logistics might be right for you! Learn how a degree in Industrial Engineering Technology (Logistics) at Southern Miss can put you on the path to a new future.

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