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Engineering Technology vs Engineering

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Engineering Technology vs Engineering? These degrees have a lot of similarities, so here are a few key differences between the two to help narrow your search.

Earning an engineering technology degree is more hands-on with more classes driven toward applied science, according to the ABET. The labs and classes give experience in the application of different theories with a focus on algebra and other applied courses without many of the courses in higher-level mathematics.

After graduation, many technologists will further their study with a graduate degree in business or engineering. Some jobs for engineering technologists include quality control, testing, and product and systems development.

If you plan to become an engineer, the focus of your study will require higher-level mathematics classes. Advanced calculus and calculus-based theoretical science classes will play a big part in your education, and many students continue their education through an engineering graduate program. Students who obtain this degree often go into research and development careers.

Another main difference between the two comes with the job responsibilities. While both are involved in the same processes, engineers are typically responsible for the concept and design of a project. Their focus is heavy on the theory of how a product works. This includes everything from the pieces that make the project work, down to the exterior appearance. As an engineer, you’ll be using your knowledge to design complex machines and structures to begin the creation process.

Engineering technologists, on the other hand, are typically more involved in the product development. These professionals use their expertise to implement the theories and designs of the engineers. The technologists are the hands-on element that brings the engineers’ work to life, piecing together different materials to create the technology for a better life for everyone.

Now that you have learned the difference between engineering technology and engineering, let Southern Miss help you begin your engineering technology career now.

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