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Mississippi Students Start Planning and Get2College

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A college education is becoming a vital starting point to a career. Making the decision to get one is the first step, but once you take it, where do you go from there? Where do you even start? Well, now there is an organization assembled to help Mississippi students clear the path to college. Get2College was created to give students a way to map out the road to university success before stepping foot on campus.

Get2College estimates that 65% of all jobs in the country will require college-level education by 2020. That means more people will be entering college campuses, and Mississippi students are no different. With their help you can get a step ahead by taking advantage of their university career counseling.

Get2College offers college planning workshops as well as one-on-one assistance with help applying for FAFSA, MTAG and other financial aid services. If you need help with ACT registration, Get2College can assist you. They also provide professional development on college admission.

Starting your college education can be intimidating. With help from Get2College, you can find all the answers you need from something as simple as what scholarships you should apply for to the meaning for questions like, “What do I want to major in?” Get started at

They can even get you prepared to choose a fully online degree, so you can continue to work while you earn your degree. The University of Southern Mississippi offers more than 50 fully online programs to help you achieve your education goals. It is easier than ever to get started with your career without interrupting your life. With fully online degrees and help just a click away, now is the perfect time to Get2College.

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