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How to Get Your College Transcripts

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It’s time to earn your online degree! The first step is starting an application to the university. Starting an application can have a few steps attached to it. Some universities even have an application checklist. So we’re here to help you navigate this process! One of the biggest tasks you might have to do during this application process is requesting college transcripts from your previous schools.

Luckily, requesting your official college transcripts from all institutions you attended after high school is pretty simple these days.

Who do I contact to get my college transcripts?

For a university to receive your official college transcripts, you’ll need to contact your old institution’s Registrar’s Office. (This might be called the “Records Office” at some institutions.) The Registrar’s Office will send your transcripts directly from their office to the admissions office of the university you’re hoping to attend. They can send your transcripts through Electronic Delivery (Email), FedEx/UPS, or U.S. Mail.

Getting your transcripts emailed to the university you’re applying to is the fastest, easiest method!

Note: Most universities do charge a small fee for sending your official transcripts to other institutions.

What’s the difference between an unofficial transcript and an official transcript?

An official transcript can only come from a universities Registrar’s Office/Records Office and be given to another institution without being tampered with.

“An official transcript is the reproduction of a complete, unabridged permanent academic record validated with the university seal, facsimile signature of the registrar, and date of issue.” – USM’s Registrar’s Office

An unofficial transcript is the transcript that you, as the student, can look at/print out/email yourself.

If you receive your official transcript from the Registrar’s Office and open it yourself, it immediately becomes unusable by institutions that require an official transcript.

Note: If you have questions regarding your transcript order you may contact the Credentials Inc. Customer Service Department. If you are calling about an existing order, please have your 9-character Order Number available when you call.

We hope that this information about your college transcripts helps you in your application process to the university you’re looking to earn your fully online degree from!

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