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The End of March Madness is Just the Beginning of Your Career

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Sports and the spirit of competition are a major part of our culture. From onesies with team logos to jerseys with your favorite college’s colors, fans show their support in many ways. March Madness finds college basketball fans packing their team’s coliseums and arenas in hopes of seeing their team win it all, but what happens after the final game?

For the casual fan, college basketball, and nearly every sport, ends with one final championship game. Many people think the college basketball season ends in March. But for you, it never has to end.

With the combination of offseason, preseason, and postseason, there is a constant stream of competition. Each part of the year is important for its own reason. After the championship, it’s time to find new players. There’s also a time for playbook development and implementation, and even a time for recovery.

With our fully online Sport Coaching Education Master’s Degree, you will learn how to manage it all. From ensuring player safety, to developing your team, and building for future seasons, you will be a master of your sport.

You will be the coach to your team, training new recruits and sharpening the skills of experienced players. With these always-revolving responsibilities, the job will stay new, but the competitive environment will remain all year.

A Master’s degree in Sports Coaching Education from Southern Miss gives you the skills to lead your players from recruitment into a championship. 

As a coach, March Madness won’t be the end of your season. Your championship will signify the beginning of preparation for the new season.

The University of Southern Mississippi offers a fully online Sports Coaching Education Master’s degree preparing you for anything in the field of competition.

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