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Online Learning VS Campus Life

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Have you ever wondered, “Is online learning right for me?” You may have dabbled with the thought of going back to get your degree, but you just feel like there’s no way to carve time out of your schedule to go to a physical class. Or perhaps you aren’t certain how obtaining a degree on campus vs online might differ. Here at Online at Southern Miss, we want to help guide you through this next stage in your life.

Below are some of the top differences between online learning and campus learning at the University of Southern Mississippi:

Online Learning:

  • no set classroom time
  • class revolves around your schedule
  • don’t have to fight for a parking spot on campus
  • never step foot inside of a classroom
  • you can learn on your couch, on your commute to work, or at the office
  • our online courses don’t charge out of state tuition
  • same teachers that teach on campus teach online courses

Campus Learning:

  • set classroom time and location
  • must be physically present in the classroom
  • fighting morning traffic and parking
  • face-to-face with professors
  • no flexible learning
  • out of state tuition charges
  • social aspects: sports games, greek life, and clubs

At Online at Southern Miss, we understand that this is your life, plus college. We offer a large selection of fully online bachelors, masters, and certificate programs to help you enhance your career. You can fill out the form below for more information on any of our programs! Let us help you take your education to the next level. 

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