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Secret to Success for Music Teachers

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All of us can remember teachers that made a difference in our lives. They showed us something new, gave us confidence, or introduced us to a new world. Everything from a new language to exciting chemical reactions and even teaching us a new musical instrument.

Music teachers add something extra to our education. Music class adds a break in the day. We get to sing or play an instrument. It is a great way to change things up.

We can all agree teachers deserve the very best. And that is why they need ways to improve their earning potential.

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As a teacher, you might have wondered (and even Googled) “ways for teachers to make more money” or “how to make more money as a teacher.” But have you thought about doing more of what you love while making that positive difference in your life? If you are a music teacher, what’s a better idea to put you on a great career track than completing a fully online master’s degree?

Maybe you are thinking, I don’t need a master’s degree! I already have my teaching certificate and have a good job. Well, don’t say no just yet. You might find that master’s degree can affect your bottom line, especially as your career progresses.

Did you know?

According to Brookings and the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) Teacher Contract Database:

  • In the first year, teachers with MA degrees earn $3,205 more than those with BA degrees.
  • It increases to $4,176 in the fifth year, and $8,411 at the top of the salary schedule.

According to To Become a Teacher:

  • In addition to increasing the potential income of a teacher, a master’s degree also qualifies an educator for a wider range of employment options and opportunities.

How much more do teachers make with a masters?

The secret is out! A lot of school systems want you to know how you can change your own future. A great example comes to us from They profiled California’s San Mateo – Foster City school district certified salary pay structure. At San Mateo – Foster City, getting a master’s in education or other master’s level degree will increase your salary by $1,500 per year immediately. Check out the San Mateo – Foster City pay schedule here.

If you think you might be interested in completing an advanced degree and your life is busy, a fully online master’s degree in music education is a great choice. At Southern Miss, we can help you reach your goal without ever stepping inside of a traditional classroom. Find out more and let us bring the classroom to you!

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