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Southern Miss is an R1 University! What Does It Mean?

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What do Harvard University and Southern Miss have in common? They are both listed as R1 universities! Here at Southern Miss, we are proud to hold such a prestigious ranking. It is one that does not come easily! In this post we aim to explain exactly what an R1 research benchmark is and why it is important to our students!

So, what is an R1 university? R1 universities are those that reach high research activities according to the Carnegie Classification of Institution of Higher Education. Carnegie ranks universities based on 10 indicators that measures research activity, research doctorates awarded, number of research staff in Science and Engineering fields, and total research expenditures.

R1 ranking includes “institutions that awarded at least 20 research/scholarship doctoral degrees and had at least $5 million in total research expenditures … Includes institutions that awarded at least 20 research/scholarship doctoral degrees during the update year and also institutions with below 20 research/scholarship doctoral degrees that awarded at least 30 professional practice doctoral degrees in at least 2 programs. ” – Carnegie Classifications.

The R1 Classification is a major mark of distinction for The University of Southern Mississippi. It signifies the university’s long-standing commitment to excellence in advancing knowledge for the benefit of both students and society at large. By achieving the R1 Classification, The University of Southern Mississippi demonstrates a significant level of research activity and excellence in our chosen fields, further solidifying our dedication to advancing knowledge and making significant contributions to their respective areas of study.

How often are the rankings updated? These reports and rankings are maintained and released by Carnegie every three years. So, a university can hold an R1/Tier 1 ranking for at least 3 years. A university will have to continue meeting the above mentioned benchmarks to be awarded this high ranking again.

Why should a student care about the R1 ranking? Because it means that The University of Southern Mississippi is driven, highly-motivated, and capable of being in the top tier rankings of research. It means our faculty are continuing to better themselves in their field and push their students to be among the top in the country.

We are proud of our faculty and students that strive to keep their research and work at a top tier! Want to learn more about earning an online degree from an R1 institute? Check out our fully online degrees here!

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