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Elementary Ed for Teacher Assistants

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You know what it takes to be a certified teacher. You’ve been working as a teacher’s assistant and, odds are, you’ve probably thought about running your own classroom someday. You understand how the school system works and you know you’d be great at enhancing the knowledge of students, but you wonder how someone that is teaching during “class hours” would attend classes themselves.

This is why we created the Elementary Education Online Degree Program for Teacher Assistants. It’s a perfect fit for current teacher’s assistants who want to take the next step to become certified teachers while keeping their full-time TA job. Imagine enhancing your career anytime, anyplace.

Many who take this online course and continue working their TA position have an advantage over those who are strictly campus-learning students. This is because many TA’s are allowed to remain in their current classroom to complete their student teaching, which is a capstone experience of the elementary and special education teacher preparation programs. No having to go out and look for a student teacher opening. You’re possibly already in the class and familiar with the kids that you will practice teaching to.

At Online at Southern Miss, we’re ready to guide you through this next step in your life. You can view some of our most frequently asked questions on Elementary Ed for Teachers Assistants.

Not only can you view our FAQ on our site but you can also view the degree requirements for this Elementary Ed Online Degree:

  • Written and Oral Communication
  • Global History and Culture
  • Aesthetic Values
  • Basic Science and Math
  • Decision Making and Responsibility
  • College General Core Courses
  • K-6 Highly Qualified Endorsements
  • Introductory Block Teacher Educations (Gold Card Required)
  • Intermediate Black Co-Requisite Courses (Gold Card Required)
  • Senior Block Co-Requisite Courses (Gold Card Required)
  •  Teacher Candidacy

We all have a thirst for knowledge, but only some of us have an eagerness to share it. Make teaching your profession today. Learn more about Elementary Education Online here.

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