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New Program: Criminal Justice

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As a criminal justice professional you understand what it takes to make a stand against crime, but you want to do more. Maybe you want to move up in the ranks, or maybe you want to segway into a different role altogether. Now you can get the training to better your career without interruption with the completely online Criminal Justice MS degree from The University of Southern Mississippi.

What is Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice is the act of apprehending, identifying, and reprimanding criminals. The criminal justice system focuses on establishing safety and order in society.

This field is deeply involved in shaping the policies and application of laws in society. Without a basic defense against criminal behavior, individuals lose their feeling of safety. However, with this degree you’ll be introduced to tools that will allow you to fight crime and ensure the feeling of safety in your community.

What does the Criminal Justice system do?

There are many moving parts in the field. There are three main areas of the system, and while they aren’t the only three, they make up a large portion of the field. These areas include: law enforcement, the court system, and corrections.

Law enforcement is in charge of preventing and investigating criminal activity. These are the police officers, and detective agents that act as the front line against crime. The next step in the process is the court system, where criminals are tried and sentenced by judges, and attorneys. Finally, there is corrections, where wardens or parole officers are in charge of carrying out the sentence.

Where do you start?

No matter what area of the field you work in, and no matter where you want to go, The University of Southern Mississippi can help. Whether you want to move up or into a different position this online master’s degree can help you become the shield against crime in your community, even if your ultimate plan requires law school.

The University of Southern Mississippi even offers a fast track program for undergraduate students, to help get you in the field quicker. Check out our Criminal Justice MS page to find out more!

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