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Graduation is over. Now what?

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Graduation is an incredible accomplishment for anyone! Years of all-nighters, group projects, final after final; all your hard work has paid off! But now that the ceremony is over, your family has said their goodbyes, and all the celebratory cake has been eaten, what’s next in your journey?

The truth is, there are plenty of options for you. You can join the workforce, which is a great decision and one that many of your recent classmates will surely make. It’s always an option to go after your dream job, and since you’ve earned your diploma, you’re one step closer.

There is a way to get a leg up in a competitive job market while opening the potential to move higher, faster. You’ve already set a foundation, and now you can build on it. By continuing your education, you are telling future employers that you’re not only more qualified, but also more willing to put in extra work to be better suited for the job.

Maybe you’re torn between making the decision. You could start working now, which means more money now. Or you could continue your education and make even more money later. Well, now you have the option of choosing both with one of more than 35 online graduate degrees and certificates from The University of Southern Mississippi.

Southern Miss is here to help you take advantage of these endless opportunities to better your life and career. If you enroll in one of our online graduate degrees, you will be able to join the workforce without the schedule of daily classes. You’ll go to class on your time.

Getting your online degree will work for you in other ways as well. It’ll open doors for you that without it you may not be given access. Having a better education is like having a better toolbox, and the more tools you have at your disposal, the more you’ll be able to accomplish.

Another thing getting your online degree will give you is the supporting information behind the work you do while you take the classes. If you’re getting a degree in Business Administration, take a job in retail. You’ll be getting the real-world experience alongside the relative information, giving you better context for both.

So, what do you do now that you’ve graduated? The possibilities are wide open. Southern Miss is here to make sure you are able to take them all. Let one of our many online degrees open more doors for you now!

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