How to Be a Successful Online Student

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Becoming a fully online student might seem like an intimidating thing if you’ve never taken an online class before. Maybe you’re unsure of what all it takes to be successful in an online classroom. Don’t worry! Being an online student is almost the exact same as being a face-to-face student!

We’re going to tell you how to be a successful online student in 3 steps!

  1. BE Present – Create a schedule that works best for you! One of the biggest tips our former students and faculty can offer you is to be mindful of your time management. Learn to create time in your busy schedule to study and get your classwork done.
  2. BE Engaged – Connect with your fellow classmates! Being an online student doesn’t mean you’ll be going through your degree alone. Our faculty offer discussion boards and online meet-ups for you to connect with your classmates from around the world. Use these connections to your advantage!
  3. BE Mindful – Make sure you’re aware of important dates and deadlines! As an online student, it is important to keep up with important dates, deadlines, and any announcements that your teachers have made. Check the registrar’s office webpage, your degree’s department page, your USM email, and Canvas announcements regularly.

We hope these 3 steps help you feel more confident in becoming a fully online student! Just remember, you’re not alone! We’re all here to help you along the way.

Let us help you become a Golden Eagle today!

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