Late Season Celebration with Sport Management

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Every August, Americans renew our fascination with football. Whether your preference is college or professional, the end of summer means the return of the only sport designated as “American.” But when the stadiums fill with tens of thousands of fans, those fans want a show. They’ve been waiting since last winter to get back in the stands and get loud, and they can’t wait to cheer their team to victory! Whether they’re hoping to defend the title or seize the throne, when fall comes around, football fans are ready for action.

American football may kickoff at the end of summer, but the storied rivalries, and post-season implications really come into view in November. So, in honor of the most exciting part of the season, we celebrate American Football Day on November 5th right in the thick of football drama. Rowdy fans gather to cheer and chant every weekend, and it’s the job of a sport manager to make sure to give the fans a reason to shout.

What is sport management?

Sport management goes beyond just controlling what happens on the field. Just like every career, the sports arena requires business-minded people, too. Jobs in this field involve everything from club and arena management to sports marketing. If you have a passion for sports, a knack for business, and want to be involved in creating a winning culture, a career in sports management is in your future.

The business of sport management presents a number of ways for you to creatively get involved with your team. Just like a standard business career, a career in sport management will keep you involved in a number of different aspects. In this field, you can take part in marketing your team to the fans. You can be in charge of identifying and addressing legal and safety risks. There are even opportunities in influencing how the money is spent and acquired. Sport management is one of the most versatile ways of being involved in a competitive atmosphere.

What can you do with a sport management degree?

One of the best ways to get started in the world of sports is by getting an education in sport management. You can get your graduate degree from The University of Southern Mississippi that works around your schedule with our fully online Sport Management degree.

This degree will help you become a force in sport management. Everything from the players on the field to the social media aspects of your team relates to business. This degree can open opportunities in personnel, venues, and financial management within your team’s business.

The online Sport Management degree from Southern Miss will help you become more in tune with what it takes to create a winning environment. No matter what you find yourself doing, you’ll be able to instill a competitive mindset from a management role. For more information, check out our Sport Management degree.

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