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Thinking About A Future Career? Logistics Leads the Way

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Staying safe in today’s world means less trips to the store. With all the adjustments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, what do we do when we need something? We point, click, and ship. It’s that easy, right? It can be if the company you are ordering from has an efficient supply chain and a skilled logistics manager in place.

Your busy household needs groceries and essentials. But how do you get them delivered to our door? Most importantly, how do you get them on time? Logistics!

You need your items, but someone has to make that happen. Logistics coordinators are essential to get your supplies from point A to point B, and ultimately to your front door. From across the globe or across the state, the world is changing and creating new opportunities and logistics is at the forefront.

Logistics in high demand

Forbes notes that from grocery stores to technology, industries are hiring key personnel in technology and logistics. And while the overall economy may see highs and lows, the consumer economy stands strong, which means shipping, delivery, and logistics are in high demand.

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When you talk to friends and family on their couch ordering pizza and surfing the web, you hear about their online shopping experiences. Orders taking too long? Out of stock? You know it can be frustrating.

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If you are looking for a rewarding career and want to work to make your friends and family’s delivery experiences better, you are in the right place! Consider pursuing a career in logistics, supply chain management, distribution, transportation, or operations management.

With a fully online degree, that can be taken from anywhere, the online Industrial Engineering Technology Logistics (IET) degree from The University of Southern Mississippi may be right for you.

Designed with you in mind, the bachelor’s IET Logistics degree prepares you to meet the growing demands of industry. This fully online program provides you – the student – with a strong background in technical sciences and applied mathematics.

Ready to have a positive impact on the world? Get started today in your career in logistics.

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