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Planning a trip? Get Tips from Locals at the CVB

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Everybody loves to travel. We love seeing old friends, meeting new ones, visiting landmarks, and learning about history. All of these are great reasons to hit the road with some awesome travel plans.

If you are thinking about planning a fun and exciting trip, there are tons of ways to learn about your destination. You can research your trip online, but everyone knows the best tips come from locals. That is why you need to consider checking out the local Convention and Visitors Bureau when making your travel itinerary.

What is a Convention and Visitors Bureau?

According to Empowermint, Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVB) represent and promote specific destinations. CVBs give planners inside access to hotels and event information, which can help you if you are planning a big event like a conference or destination wedding. They are also the experts on local service providers to help you with even the smallest details. CVBs are “destination experts” and can serve as your own personal travel planner.

Near our home here at Southern Miss, we have numerous local CVBs that promote Hattiesburg, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. How do you plan the trip of a lifetime? Ask for help from the local CVBs:

What is the best way to plan a vacation?

Best to use multiple sources. Utilize online sites to get pricing information and check out online reviews. You can learn a lot from people who have stayed in a hotel! But for the best off-the-beaten-path places to go, get info from people who live there – the people who work at the CVB. They work, play, and live in the local area so they know all the best secrets to help you make the best travel plans.


If you are looking for a local CVB, CVENT has what you are looking for. Check out their directory of all the CVBs – even internationally!


If you have a love of travel and want to turn that love into a career, you should think about a career with a CVB. Being part of the travel industry is exciting. You get to do new things and meet new people traveling through your city. The industry contributes to the economy in your hometown with increased sales tax that benefits the community by providing tax dollars. CVBs work hard to bring tourists and outsiders into the community for conventions, fairs, events, and travel.

Getting a degree in Human Capital Development can benefit you in your goal to work at a CVB or other destination fields. According to, a degree in the human capital field can improve your skills in:

  • Analysis of business strategies
  • Human capital measurement
  • Return on investment (ROI) analysis
  • Design of organizations
  • Change implementation through various methods
  • Talent management and leadership development

The great thing about this degree is you can use the skills in any job. Working at a CVB or in the travel industry demands many skills. If you think this might be something you are interested in making a career, a degree in Human Capital Development could be a good choice for you.

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