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Record-Breaking Online Enrollment

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Through Online at Southern Miss, the University of Southern Mississippi is the leading online learning provider in Mississippi, with the highest number of students enrolled in online classes and degree programs in the state. Fall enrollment demonstrates the increasing popularity of online coursework, as the total number of students enrolled in some or all online classes increased from 4,785 in Fall 2014 to 5,955 this year.

– Jim Coll, Chief Communication Officer, The University of Southern Mississippi, Southern Miss Now

What a great year to be a Golden Eagle! From the article released yesterday from Southern Miss Now, we heard that our university is celebrating a record-breaking freshman class! A large part of that growth is due to our online students. As you can see from the snippet from the article above, Online at Southern Miss’s enrollment has increased by 1,170 students in the past year! We definitely think that’s worth celebrating.

With our 50+ online programs from undergrad, graduate, hybrid, to certificate, we have something that will meet your busy needs. We’ve expanded significantly in the past year, and as the leading online learning provider in Mississippi, we’re here with open arms, ready to expand and help you take the next step in your education and professional career. For information on a specific online degree, or if you’re just looking for general information about online learning, please fill out our form at the very bottom of this page. We’d love to hear from you! 

Welcome incoming students of 2015!

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