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New Program: Master of Arts in Teaching – Alternative Route Program

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Teachers possess the ability to shape minds and set a standard of excellence for generations. The enthusiasm teachers show for their subjects can even alter the course of a student’s quest for knowledge. Being a teacher is a highly influential profession. If you have an undergraduate degree, becoming a teacher may be closer than you realize. With the new, fully online Master of Arts in Teaching (Alternate Route) degree from The University of Southern Mississippi, you could be decorating your own classroom as soon as next fall.

How do I get started?

Do you have a bachelor’s degree?

The Alternate Route program allows you to use your collegiate experience to quickly transition into a teaching career in Mississippi, and your degree doesn’t even have to be in teaching. In this program you’ll be introduced to the skills you’ll need for your classroom.

How can I become a teacher with the Alternate Route?

The Alternate Route degree is specifically designed to meet the rising demand for teachers in Mississippi, and because of that you can go from taking classes to teaching classes as quickly as one summer.

You can apply to the program year-round and take classes as soon as you are admitted. However, the Alternate Route program really kicks off with a concentrated 9-hour summer semester. This will put you on the path to obtaining a 3-year non-renewable license from the Mississippi Department of Education.

You’ll develop your own teaching strategies, and after you complete the summer course and apply for your license, you can enter your classroom. You’ll be able to hone your skills while you finish your degree.

what subjects can i teach With this degree? 

This degree with let you specialize in various subjects. The list of areas you can teach in include: art, biology, business education, chemistry, English, French, health, home economics, library media, mathematics, physical education, physics, social studies, and spanish.

What happens next?

Once you’ve settled into your own classroom, you will continue your degree while working in the class, using your real-world knowledge and experience to help supplement what you learn from the Alternate Route program. With our fully online degree, you’ll be able to get your degree without having to leave the classroom.

Not ready for a Master’s degree yet? For more information on these programs, check out the online Master of Arts in Teaching page. If you have questions about the teaching license, check out our blog on How to Get a Mississippi Teaching License.

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