Getting a Student ID for Online Students

Getting a Student ID for Online Students

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Having a student ID card is something that most college students take for granted. On-campus students shuffle through an orientation that ends with their picture being taken and a plastic card given to them with their name and student number. Why do you need it? What can it be used for? What are the benefits of having a student ID card if you’re not on campus?

Student ID cards can give you a lot of benefits and online students at Online at Southern Miss can receive one no matter where they are in the world!

A student ID card provides physical proof that you are a student at a university. You might not know it, but a large majority businesses offer a student discount with proof of a student ID. Your local movie theater, your gym, and even local restaurants might all have huge savings waiting for you to show them your card!

Amazon and clothing retailers offer huge savings for students. You can sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime for six months as a student (which is over $60 in savings.) Some clothing retailers like Ann Taylor and Banana Republic offer a 15-20% discount in stores with a student ID. With all those savings, why wouldn’t you want to get a student ID card?

How do you get a student ID card as an online student?

Well, the steps are easy!

  1. Call Southern Miss Photo Services at (601) 266-4149
  2. Pay $11.00 for your card easily over the phone using a debit or credit card.
  3. Get ready for savings and more! Your student ID card will be mailed out to you the same day you order it!

Receiving a student ID is easy and can be done by online students! Whether you’re in Mississippi or across the country, you deserve the benefits that come with being a Golden Eagle!

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