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Who Is My Online Advisor?

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An academic advisor is an important part to your education journey. Your advisor will guide you from your first day of class to graduation. They help you make your degree plan, make you aware of upcoming deadlines, and make sure you have everything in order to earn your degree without problems and on time.

Obviously, your advisor is very important to you! They become an integral part of your college experience. So, here’s what you need to know!

Who is my advisor?

How to find your advisor is simple! Just follow these steps

  1. Log into your SOAR account 
  2. Go to your “Student Center”
  3. Your advisor will be listed in the right hand column
  4. Click the “Details” link to email or call your advisor (be aware of their office hours)

Remember that your advisor is a faculty member that spends a lot of their time out of their office teaching, serving on committees, and doing their own research, so please be aware of their office hours and time differences if you would like to call!

What if my advisor field is empty on SOAR?

If your advisor field is empty on SOAR, you’ll need to call your academic department to find out which advisor is assigned to you. Our current list of advisor phone numbers are listed on this page; along with other helpful information, phone numbers, and contact forms! 

For a more in-depth look into everything you need to know about advising at Southern Miss, click here! 

We hope this helps answer your question of how to find your advisor. Identifying and getting to know who your advisor is is an important step of pursuing your degree!

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