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A Nutritionist’s Role for World Food Day

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Imagine not having access to food. Maybe there’s not enough of it. Maybe what is available has spoiled. It’s a major problem around the world and even across the United States, but people are taking a stand. Every year, more and more individuals and companies organize year-round to make sure everyone can do something as simple and essential as eating. Charities, nutritionists, and businesses of all kinds come together to preserve healthy food and fight hunger. All of these efforts culminate in World Food Day, a global celebration in an effort to feed the world! So, how does World Food Day help?

For more than 25 years, World Food Day is an effort to develop and maintain efficient security and access for food. A lot goes into taking food from the farm to the table, and each year this celebration adopts a different aspect of preservation from food production to clean water to having the right to food. World Food Day is a global effort to maximize the efficiency of all these.

How can you help?

Not everyone has the resources to start a farm or even store mass quantities of food, but you can still play a role in ensuring that everyone has access to healthy food! For instance, if you become a nutritionist, you can help get people the proper food they need in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. As a nutritionist, you can help organize a food program that promotes a healthy life for people who need food. You will use your expertise to ensure people get the most out of the food people eat.

A nutritionist plays a very important role in the preservation and delivery of foods to people in need. Nutritionists map out a plan for which foods are most important for a healthy lifestyle. Planning what foods people need most will help others prepare to store and transport food more efficiently. By knowing what makes a healthy diet, you’ll be ensure that the people who receive the food are getting the best nutrition.

Where do you get started?

Becoming a nutritionist begins with an education. At The University of Southern Mississippi, you can learn how to become a dietitian or nutritionist and become equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to help people maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle every day. You can even earn your dietetics degree online, giving you the freedom to continue your life without adding to your schedule.

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