accelerate master's how to get your master's degree in 1 year

Accelerated Master’s: How to Get Your Master’s Degree in 1 Year

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The University of Southern Mississippi’s Graduate School is now offering a
“4 + 1 = Done!” initiative to undergraduate students who wish to pursue an advanced degree in a related or similar field. This means for high-standing undergraduate students, a master’s degree can be accomplished in as little as one extra year.

According to USM News, this accelerated master’s program “allows undergraduate students in designated degree programs to complete their bachelor’s degree in four years while also sharing some coursework along the way with a master’s program in the same or related discipline.” Sharing master’s level coursework not only cuts down the time a student would take to earn their master’s degree, but it also cuts down the total cost.

Are you interested in earning your master’s degree fully online in one year? Here are our 4 + 1 = Done! Accelerated Masters Program online options!

If you’d like to receive more information about one of our fully online accelerated master’s degree, please fill out the form on this page! To read more about the 4 + 1 = Done! initiative, click here. Let us help you take the accelerated step towards your future and career!

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