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Christmas Shipping Bonanza: On Time Shipments with Logistics Management

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The end of every year brings about an online shopping frenzy, and when online shopping goes up, shipping goes up with it. Not only do shipping companies have a massive uptick in business from holiday gifts, but they also have to maintain the everyday shipments that need to arrive on time. The steps between the warehouse to the doorstep are numerous, which means a lot of opportunities for shipping delays. So how does Santa do it every year? All it takes to keep the supply chain running smoothly is effective logistics management.

What is logistics management?

When people talk about logistics, this includes a wide range of events that occur between the time an order is placed to the moment it arrives at its destination. Supply chains have to be developed to organize the shipments. Then those shipments are stored, transported and delivered, and each shipment requires different kinds of attention. Consumer packages aren’t transported the same way building material or industrial equipment is. The economic impact of transportation methods even becomes a factor as you could be planning for global air, maritime, and ground shipments.

These aspects are just a few that feed into what the logistics industry entails. Being able to effectively coordinate each part of the process is crucial to ensuring that each shipment arrives on time, whether that is piping for a construction site, or that special toy for a child. But Santa’s not the only one who can master the art of logistics, trade, and transportation. You can also have a career in delivering toys to every girl and boy around the world.

Getting involved is easier than you think.

Being able to manage any situation requires training, and the best training you can receive is an education. Earning the know-how can give you a head start on mastering the supply chain and keep it running smoothly. Now you can gain that know-how online with a Logistics, Trade and Transportation master’s degree from The University of Southern Mississippi.

You can be a real-life Santa Claus and deliver Christmas—and everyday—gifts to children, businesses, and construction sites year-round. Feel your impact spread around the world with the Logistics, Trade and Transportation degree from The University of Southern Mississippi!

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