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The Science of Sunburn – It’s in Your DNA

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Fun + Sun = A formula that surely cannot go wrong. But then you feel that little sting. You spent the weekend watching the kids playing sports and you think you didn’t over do it, but you did. You wake up the next morning to see your skin with a cinnamon glow. You have a sunburn.

Have you ever wondered how that happens? Not the reason you got the sunburn, but what exactly is the science behind your sunburn. 

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What causes sunburn?

You might think getting a sunburn is similar to getting a burn from a hot stove. Not even close. Scientific American (SA) explains that sunburns are different from thermal burns because you get sunburned from ultraviolet radiation (UV).

What are the effects of Sunburn?

Did you know this same sunburn can actually change your DNA? Yep! SA says this mutation in your DNA can actually lead to skin cancer.

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