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Philosophy BA


Being able to think critically is a useful tool in virtually any career, but particularly in careers where solving problems is central or in careers where effective oral and written communication is crucial. A great way to develop critical thinking skills and learn to “think outside the box” is by getting an online Philosophy degree from the University of Southern Mississippi.

The various skills that you can develop by studying Philosophy include: reading and understanding complex materials and positions, being able to analyze and evaluate arguments, explain your ideas clearly both orally and in writing, develop well-reasoned arguments, and to understand and appreciate diverse viewpoints.

The online Philosophy degree offers a variety of courses that you can take to unlock your mind and explore the big questions. The skills you gain are useful in a variety of fields including law, education, business, politics, counseling, and the ministry, among others.

Unlock and expand your mind with an online Philosophy degree at The University of Southern Mississippi! This is your life, plus college.

The University of Southern Mississippi is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools of Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). That means you can expect a program with the highest standards and quality.