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How Five Classes Can Increase Your Salary

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Have you thought about ways you can make more money while still at your job? What if we told you five classes can help you get there? Through certificate programs you can do just that – make the move you have always wanted without committing to years of education.

There are many ways to increase your earning potential. Need to up your Microsoft skills? Check out Microsoft’s Office 365’s training page. Another way to improve your competitiveness in the job market is higher education. Getting a degree is a big commitment. Maybe you are not ready to commit to a program that takes a few years to complete. A certificate program online might be just what you are looking for.

What is a certificate program?

A certificate program is college courses that lead to a certificate instead of a degree. Learn.org makes it easy to understand: Certificates offer an alternative academic credential to the lengthier undergraduate or graduate degree programs. They fit into your busy life because they are shorter and offer specialized training employers are looking for when hiring. The best online certificate programs will also meet your career needs.

How many classes are in a certificate program?

You might be shocked to learn that many certificates only require five classes like the online Casino Management Certificate. That’s right – just five classes. And believe it or not, some other certificate programs range from four to six classes.

Will a certificate help me in my career track?

The work world is competitive. Employers value education, training and experience in their organizations. According to Learn.org, there are many reasons a certificate program might help you on your career track:

  • College certificate programs are designed to offer you the opportunity to refresh, pick up or master a subject or skill at the postsecondary level.
  • Offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels, certificates typically require fewer credits and take less time to complete than degree programs.


But I already have a degree, why do I need a certificate?

Certificate programs online can often enhance your current education by teaching you a specialized set of skills on a narrow topic.

I have a specialized degree such as science or engineering, why do I need a certificate program?

Certificate programs can offer you the education you need to supplement your degree. Maybe you want to move from the lab to a better paying job in administration. You don’t have time to get an MBA but need to learn more about finance or management. A business foundations certificate program can give you those skills while not requiring you to commit to the full master’s program.

Choose your certificate program wisely – Accreditation Matters

Once you have made the choice to improve yourself with a certificate program, make sure the university is accredited. Accredited online certificate programs make it worth your time and money.

If you are thinking a great way boost your salary potential, consider a certificate program. At The University of Southern Mississippi, we are an accredited institution offering six graduate and undergraduate certificate programs designed to improve your career options. Here is the list of certificate programs we offer:

Do something for yourself, think about how just five classes can change your life. Learn more about all the certificate programs and online degrees at Southern Miss. This is your life, plus college.

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