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An Online Sport Event Security Management Degree (MBA) From Southern Miss!

Business Administration (Sport Event Security Management) MBA
Program Overview

As the only program of its kind in the United States, The University of Southern Mississippi College of Business and the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) are proud to offer the Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Sport Event Security Management. Today, it is essential for individuals seeking top management positions in the sport security industry to possess the business knowledge needed to manage operations, including the ability to present a business case for return on investment for security and management solutions. By supplementing the MBA with an emphasis in Sport Event Security Management, graduates will be able to differentiate themselves by gaining the standard principles of business in conjunction with real-world experience necessary for security practitioners.

The University of Southern Mississippi’s MBA is accredited by the AACSB and was ranked in the top 200 “Best Part-Time MBA Programs” by U.S. News and World Report.  No matter where you live, earn your online Sport Security Event Management Degree (MBA) from one of the top programs in the country. This program will help you bridge the gap between business and safety within the field of sports.

Let your education from The University of Southern Mississippi take you where you want to go with this online Sport Event Security Management Degree (MBA) This is your life, plus college.

Specialize Your MBA with NCS4

NCS4 is a recognized academic leader in addressing potential threats and risks to safety and security at sporting events. The College of Business and NCS4 partnership offers a unique degree experience that will help you stand out in the workplace and be specialized in the field. With this online Sport Event Security Management Degree you will:

  • Gain real-time experience with industry leaders through NSC4
  • Partner with safety and security experts across the country from professional sports leagues, marathons, high schools and college universities.
  • Apply the latest technology to solutions in the field.
  • Have an opportunity to participate in the annual National Sports Safety and Security Conference produced by NCS4.



Your Future

Check out some of the jobs our graduates landed after earning this degree.

  • Director of Safety and/or Security at Professional Sport Venues
  • Director of Facility/Event Operations
  • Director of Public Safety
  • Emergency Management Director
  • Chief Security/Risk Officer

Your future starts at Southern Miss!


The prerequisites for non-business majors are demonstrated proficiency in 3 areas: accounting, finance, and statistics. Our Graduate Certificate in Business Foundations offers online, graduate level finance and accounting courses that can be used to satisfy two of the prerequisites.

We offer GMAT/GRE waivers for applicants who have already earned a master’s degree or higher. Applicants who can demonstrate 5 years or more of progressively responsible managerial work experience can request waiver consideration.

Degree Requirements

Business core pre-requisite requirements (for students who do not have an undergraduate degree in business) are as follows:

  • ACC 200 – 3 hrs.
  • BA 201 – 3 hrs.
  • FIN 300 – 3 hrs.

Business core pre-requisite requirements (9 hours) will normally be waived for students who have undergraduate degrees in business. Pre-requisite requirements can be met by taking undergraduate or graduate courses in the 3 areas above.

Advanced course requirements for the M.B.A. are as follows:

  • MBA 600 – Organizational Behavior and Leadership 3 hrs.
  • MBA 605 – Marketing Management 3 hrs.
  • MBA 610 – Analytical Decision Making 3 hrs.
  • MBA 611 – Managerial Accounting 3 hrs
  • MBA 620 – Global Economy 3 hrs.
  • MBA 640 – Financial Management 3 hrs.
  • MBA 650 – Global Business Systems 3 hrs.
  • MBA 660 – Global Business Strategy 3 hrs.
  • SM 620 – Introduction to Sport Security Management
  • SM 626 – Threat and Risk Assessment of Sport Venues
  • SM 628 – Sport Event Emergency Response Planning

  • SM 620 – Introduction to Sport Security Management – Introduction to the nature and scope of sport security. Study of domestic and international threats, natural disasters and crowd management operation issues in sport.
  • SM 626 – Threat and Risk Assessment of Sport Venues – An overview of Homeland Security threat and risk assessment methodology as it applies to sport event venues. Students will learn how to identify vulnerabilities, analyze and mitigate risk, and harden sport facility physical protection systems.
  • SM 628 – Sport Event Emergency Response Planning – An overview of emergency response and security plans for major sporting events, including crowd management, and consequence and crisis management.

Frequently Asked Questions

After you submit your application to the Graduate School, send your resume, transcript(s), and a cover letter requesting the waiver to

Yes; once you complete the application for the online masters in business administration and upload your resume, cover letter, and statement of purpose, you should be able to pay the application fee and submit your application.  The outside documents can still be added after you submit your application.

There is no minimum score because performance on the GMAT or GRE is only one component of the application package.  The average GMAT score of applicants admitted to the program is approximately 500 (on a scale of 200-800); a GRE score equivalent to this GMAT score would be expected.  To be accepted into the online masters in business administration, scores must be no more than 5 years old.

Deadlines for International Applicants:

  • March 1 – Summer Admission
  • April 1 – Fall admission seeking a Graduate Assistantship
  • May 1  – Final Fall Admission
  • October 1 – Spring Admission

Deadlines for All Other Applicants:

  • April 1  – Summer admission and fall admission seeking a Graduate Assistantship
  • June 1  – Final fall admission
  • November 1- Spring admission

Previous graduate coursework may be able to be used in place of the undergraduate GPA.  Another alternative would be to earn a second bachelor’s degree with a higher GPA.

How do I determine if I need any prerequisites for this business degree?

Please send a copy of your transcript to for review.  If you do need prerequisites, you can satisfy the requirements on the undergraduate or graduate level.  We offer an online graduate certificate program in business foundations, and two of the four courses can be used to meet the accounting and finance prerequisites.

I graduated from USM, do I need to send official transcripts?

If USM is the last institution you attended, and you previously sent all other transcripts, the Graduate School will pull those for you.

When are the classes offered?

  i.      MBA 600, 605, 611, and 640 are offered in the fall.

 ii.      MBA 610, 620, 650, and 660 are offered in the spring.

 iii.      MBA students typically take electives in the summer.

How long will it take for me to complete this business degree online?

i.      Students admitted in a fall or summer semester can complete their MBA online in about two years by taking two classes a semester.

ii.      Students admitted in a spring semester may take an additional year because the capstone course, MBA 660, and comprehensive exam are only offered in the spring.  In order to take the capstone and comprehensive exam, students must have already completed all four fall classes and must have already completed or be enrolled in the other three spring classes.


How do I earn an emphasis in Sport Event Security Management?

i.      MBA students can declare an emphasis in Sports Event Security Management by taking the following three electives:

1.      SM 620 – Introduction to Sport Security Management

2.      SM 626 – Threat and Risk Assessment of Sports Venues

3.      SM 628 – Sport Event Emergency Response Planning

 ii.  Depending on when these electives are offered, the timeframe to complete the MBA online with a Sport Event Security Management emphasis may vary.

Do online students pay out-of-state tuition?

No, online masters in business administration students pay resident tuition.

Will other classes besides the ones listed in degree requirements count towards my degree?

Other classes that aren’t listed may count towards your online masters in business administration degree once your transcript has been evaluated and posted.

Can this degree be completed fully online?

Yes, the online masters in business administration program is available totally online.  Students are not required to visit campus for an in-class lecture; however, an online lecture may be required by your instructor.

Are you a military veteran or service member?

If yes, visit for more information on how Southern Miss can serve you and your needs.   We will help you with funding and scholarship information, admissions and course enrollment.


Are there additional fees?

Additional course fees to the online masters in business administration may apply.  Fees range between $20-$60.

What other online degrees are offered by Online at Southern Miss?

Please visit our programs page here: